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Trekking In The Himalayas

Trekking -  The Himalayas provide superb opportunities for trekking in a wide variety of landscapes. While crossing the Great Himalayan range for instance, one passes from arid and wild terrain into beautiful alpine meadows and verdant-forested valleys. Treks are immensely rewarding, bringing one into close contact with the country. The warmth and hospitality of a charming and happy people also provide an unforgettable experience.

Trekking in Ladakh
When Ladakh was first thrown open to tourism an average itinerary encompassed visits to Leh and its environs with some treks into nearb valleys. The most popular of these were the 8-day Markha valley trek, the 11-day Lamayuru-Padum route and the Stok Khangri round trek. Now with growing interest in adventure tourism the focus has shifted to the mysterious valleys of Suru and Zanskar with their spectacular scenery. 

some areas off laddakh that were closed are opened for tourists now but the movement is restricted and te maximum time allowed is 7 days only. There are different categories of entry permits.Enquire about the specific permit applicable to one at Jammu and Kashmir tourist offices or Government of India tourist offices before planning a trip here.

Few areas for trekking in laddakh are :

Suru and Zanskar Valleys
Kishtwar valley
The Drok Pa Area
Nubra Valley
Shayok valley, 
The Pangong Lake Circuit
The Tso Moriri Lake 
The Leh-Manali

adventure trekking in laddakh


Darjeeling Trekking  - East of Himalayas provides you variety of flora and fauna, colourful festivals, lush green tea gardens, exciting adventure sports, daunting trekking routes, perfect solitude and thus presenting perhaps the best trekking routes in the whole of India. Low altitude treks in the lower regions of Darjeeling are quiet easy and are particularly recommended for those tourists who like to take up a stroll at a leisurely pace. The Kalimpong-Relli trek through golden paddy fields, the Kurseong-Namsu trail through tea gardens and the Kurseong-Mirik trek are the main trails through low altitude areas.

Singalila Treks: 
Kalimpong Treks:


Sikkim Trekking  - Each season in Sikkim is distinct. The periods for outdoor excursions are several. March to May are best season for flowers, which is also ideal for trekking in this state. However you should be prepared for inclement weather, as snow storms at higher altitudes can develop rapidly in both the pre and post-monsoon seasons. 

The most popular trek in Sikkim is from Yuksom to Dzongri and Goccha La for superb views of Kanchenjunga. Two peaks in Dzongri area of West Sikkim, Thingchen Khang and Jopunob, have been declared 'Trekking Peaks', which means they are free of royalty payment. 

trekking in sikkim india

Tendong Hill: 
Trekking over here also is possible throughout the year, except in the monsoons. 
Menam Hill:
Namchi Or Damthang To Tendong-Ravangla-Menam-Borong: 

Trekking Permits For Sikkim  : Foreigners have to obtain permits for trekking on most routes in Sikkim. Permits can be obtained from any of the following places: Delhi, Kolkatta, Siliguri. Permit restrictions mean that trekkers can only follow well-beaten trails and within a limited period of time. If you are coming from Darjeeling and have arranged permits and itineraries in advance, you could enter Sikkim at Jorethang and go directly to Pelling or Yoksum saving precious permit time.


Himachal Trekking  - A journey through Himachal holds the promise of a deep and refreshing communion with nature in its varying beauty. The lush river valleys surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the fruit-laden orchards, gurgling streams and the dense forests that echo with birdsong evoke enchantment and delight. Closer to the Greater Himalayan and Zanskar range, delight gives way to awe as one is faced with the stark, haunting landscape of the cold desert. Here, still lakes gleam like emeralds and sapphires amidst towering white mountains that stand aloof and forbidding in their majesty.

Himachal Pradesh has charming and beautiful valleys and are worthful for trekking. There are numerous passes on these ranges which connect the valleys, making good trekkking routes for all types of trekkers. One can cross one pass and return over the other or proceed further to cross another on the next range. There are about two dozen passes on the Dhauladhar, a dozen over the Pirpanjal range and 8-10 such passes over the Great Himalayan range to cross over to the Zanskar valley. Himachal offers a virtual bonanza for trekkers.

The four great mountain ranges and a fluctuating snow line gives Himachal very cold climate. Though there are some regions which have hot summers and cold winters, majority of the trekking routes fall in those areas which are perennially cold. Thus trekking in Himachal requires adequate preparation to brave the cold wintry climate. For moderate to strenuous treks, the best season is from June to October. It is advisable avoid the winters for trekking.

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