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festivals, culture and heritage cities of india

beaches in various parts of india adventures of india - trekking in himalayas etc. wildlife of india - explore the wide range of wild animals found in different parts of india famous indian forts and palaces

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Indien erleben - mit dem mottorad


Literally it means - we the brothers of like thoughts, life style & intentions resolve, to increase our prosperity and to ensure our mutual well being. We also aspire to deepen the reciprocal understanding. We aim to achieve it not only for the sake of social obligations, but also in our life style.

Neither I wish a kingdom nor heaven, nor Nirvana for myself. I wish to please the longing ones by my firm presence. I also look forward to welcome every single person, who comes to me.

The holy Atharva Veda sums it up that we, you and me - take trouble together to achieve the goal.

Deshantar is a firm that aspires to spread the latent message of The Vedas, Upanishads and other revered texts with the tradition of

With this goal and the absolute efficiency, Deshantar cares for you during your tour. So that your dream comes true and the holidays become an unforgettable experience


Deshantar : 

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    Should you plan to travel through Nepal, Bhutan, North and South India or to roam around in Himalaya, you will feel us as a friend and an experienced organiser.

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